Counting on citizens’voices, not just counting votes

Type : evenement

Organisateur : World Forum for Democracy


2h30 - 4h00

Type d’évènement

Talk will introduce several experiences with Citizens Assemblies at a national level and consider more generally what their main advantages are in the decision-making process and why they can play a crucial role with facing both the climate crisis and the crisis of trust in democratic institutions.

The moderated discussion will take place online on 19 January from 2.30 to 4.00 p.m. (CET) and will have an empirical input with the speakers that participated in the citizen’s assemblies in France, UK and Ireland and an analytical input from speakers working on deliberative democracy from an academic perspective.

Questions which could be raised include: What are the limits that these citizen’s assemblies are currently facing? Is it possible to have a deliberative democracy initiative within a representative democracy system? Why are these initiatives in a top-down dynamic? Should these initiatives only be able to issue recommendations?