Participatory Lab for #EURegionsWeek – What does it take to mainstream citizen engagement and deliberative democracy in public institutions?

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Organisateur : European Commission


11h30 - 13h00

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Together with ten local associated partners we are organising a Participatory Lab during the upcoming #EURegionsWeek (October 11-14, 2021). Our session focuses on institutional challenges to co-creation encountered by public institutions, and on the kind of institutional work that is needed to introduce changes in the ways organizations work and policies are designed.

The Participatory Lab aims to engage participants in the conversation and to co-create joint outcomes to mainstream participatory practices within public institutions. The speakers of the session include representatives from the municipalities of Maribor (Slovenia), Regalbuto (Italy) and Valongo (Portugal). Mr. Karl-Heinz Lambertz (President of the German Speaking Community, Belgium) will be closing the session.

The session sits in the context of BiodiverCities, a pilot project that aims to improve civil society participation in planning and decision-making with respect to urban biodiversity and nature at large. BiodiverCities involves twelve cities across Europe, each with a local project on citizen engagement. It is financed by the European Parliament and run by the JRC together with the Directorate-General for the Environment (European Commission).

Our partners include:

  • The National Green Roof Association, Serbia
  • Comune di Regalbuto/Municipality of Regalbuto, Italy
  • Mestna občina Maribor/City of Maribor, Slovenia
  • Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (FCUL/FCiencias.ID)
  • Câmara Municipal de Valongo/Municipality of Valongo, Portugal
  • Vilnius University, Lithuania


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