Democracy Studio: Practical guide to artificial intelligence on citizen engagement. Case studies in Taiwan, Israel, and Estonia

Auteur(s) : Julien Carbonnell

Année : 2021

This book is destined first to urban practitioners who experience a growing complexity at all levels of cities’ development. While urban demography increases to an unprecedented scale worldwide, the last generation of urban developers promotes citizen-centric approaches and a wide inclusion of inhabitants in decision-making. The social acceptability of smart-city projects and the transformation of cities is supported by most stakeholders sharing decision-making in democracies. However, architects, real estate developers, entrepreneurs in urban innovation, students, and public services lack crucially methods and practical tools to engage their citizens or customers in a collective process of expressing their needs and participate in the design of public spaces.

In this book, the author presents five artificial intelligence models ready-to-implement by urban developers with (nearly) zero coding background. By following the method of the author, you will easily be able to collect data on any city of your choice, replicate the analysis built on the case studies in Taipei (Taiwan), Tel Aviv (Israel), and Tallinn (Estonia), and deploy machine learning and computer simulations to better infer on the evolution of your urban project and the public opinion around it.